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Chalmers 2021 Col Fondo

The Fizz

Chalmers Col Fondo uses early winemaking techniques, initially used for prosecco, to bring us this unique wine.

Col fondo ("with the bottom") is a winemaking method where the pressed and fermented wine is bottled and tiraged with the lees, without any dosage. The resultant wine tends to have a cloudy appearance, slightly sour and salty taste profile, however this is where things turn interesting.

Made from 100% aglianico, typically a bold red wine of southern Italy, this Col Fondo has been wild fermented in old oak barriques. It is delightfully bright yet creamy, with a rich mouthfeel and texture owing to partial malolactic fermentation. At the forefront of the palate sit blackcurrants and strawberries, followed by the light frizzante tickling the tongue. 

A wine that surprised us, we couldn't help but bring it to you to jump on the col fondo bandwagon.

The Specs

Region Heathcote
Vintage 2018
Varietal 100% aglianico
Vinification Col fondo
Lees contact Undisgorged - bottled September 2021
Alcohol 13.0 % - 7.7 standard drinks
Seal Crown seal
Size 750 mL
Vegan Yes