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Delinquente Wine Co. 2022 Weeping Juan Pink Pét Nat

The Fizz

Vermentino, hailing from Italy's north, is one of the most widely propagated alternative varieties in Australia, with its delicate, briny character and refreshing fruit that needs no oak artifact to shine. Nero d’Avola is recognised for its suitability to arid climates, a no-brainer in the Riverland. Each variety was picked and fermented separately before being blended and crown seal bottled soon before the Nero d’Avola finished fermenting to create the pétillant naturel.

This delicate pink blush sparkler strokes the palate with a light foam, bright acidity from the Vermentino and sweet dark fruit from the Nero d’Avola, complemented by nectarine and yellow peach on the nose. There’s a delicious sweet pomegranate flavour, pink grapefruit and blood orange zest, and zingy passionfruit, all lifted by a light spritz that carries on. The finish is medium (without the natural wine funk), with mild acidity and a delicate sweetness. A fun-loving fizz you can crack open with the friends, mix into a jazzed-up spritz, and can even be enjoyed with all types of seafood!

The Specs

Region Riverland
Vintage 2022
Varietal 90% Vermentino, 10% Nero D'Avola
Vinification Pétillant naturel
Alcohol 11 % - 6.5 standard drinks
Seal Crown
Size 750 mL
Vegan Yes
Organic Yes
Biodynamic Yes